April 2016

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April 2016

Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats
As a business owner, are you doing all you can to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack?
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Earn Too Much for a Roth IRA? Try the Back Door!
Taxpayers who can’t make annual contributions to a Roth IRA because of income limits can simply make nondeductible contributions to a traditional IRA and then immediately convert that traditional IRA to a Roth IRA–a “back door” Roth IRA.
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What’s New in the World of Higher Education?
If you’re a parent or grandparent of a college student or soon-to-be college student, you might be interested to learn what’s new in the world of higher education.
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What is the federal funds rate?
The federal funds rate is the interest rate at which banks lend funds to each other from their deposits at the Federal Reserve in order to meet reserve requirements.
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Chart: Tracking the Fed
Although the prime rate has been closely aligned to the federal funds rate over the past 20 years, rates on conventional 30-year fixed mortgages have followed a more independent trajectory.
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